Great read. I tend to only busy physical for my favorite films, and digital (iTunes when possible) for everything else. As you said, I can't tell the difference between HD digital and Blu-ray. I've never thought about backing them up before, and I happen to have a 2 TB HDD just sitting around... :)

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iTunes movies is great but lacking some key stuff.

1. No 4k uhd downloads is appalling at this point.

2. Some studios that release 4k content like Criterion don’t even make it available to stream.

3. No lossless audio downloads is really annoying on a quality surround sound system.

4. Not just the inability to download “extras” like behind the scenes shorts, but the lack of them from some studios even as an option to stream (Janus Films, as an example) is a real bummer.

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Agree wholeheartedly! I was blown away by the visual and audio quality of each show and film on Apple TV+. Not only that, it's one platform that has shows and films that are narratively excellent (coincidentally I wrote on that here: https://whenhopewrites.substack.com/p/best-tv-shows-on-apple-tv-with-immersive). I decided to keep investing in that one streaming platform over other ones for these reasons.

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